The traditional press kit has always been a way for an artist to showcase who they are and all they have to offer to a label or management. An industry standard has been created so each artist includes the basic materials that could be considered as required to be part of an artist press kit.

First and foremost, each press kit should come in proper professional packaging. Remember this is the first impression so keep this in mind when you are comparing prices to the look of the folder.A biography should always be included and it gives the reader insight into the artist’s background, who they are and where they plan on going as well as influences and the musical genres played. You can write this yourself or hire a professional service to have one written for you, which is recommended. A good quality head shot should be included to portray the image of the artist/band. Some suggest that an additional publicity or performance image should be included. Other materials that can be included could be press releases, interviews, sample set lists, a business card or contact information, and a high quality duplication CD of your demo songs.

The art of creative publicity relies on standing out about the rest to catch the attention of your desired audience. Crea-ti-city has researched and designed an innovative approach to the traditional press kit tailored to fit the needs of any artist. We decided to take the guesswork out of the equation for you and compare the traditional press kit against our ALL-IN-ONE CD PRESS KIT and let you decide which is the better choice visually, professionally, and cost wise.

Traditional PR Kit vs. Creaticity’s All-in-One CD Promo Kit

We decided to do the legwork for you and compile a list of average prices for each element that should be in the press kit. These prices will depend on the selected level of quality with printing, paper choices, and the professional appearance in the final package.

Traditional Presentation Folder

A basic one color portfolio folder with two pockets and some come with a business card pocket. Priced at a local office supply store, this option can cost an average of $1.25 each.

A semi-custom designed folder is typically one color of choice and a logo printed on the front with two pockets on the inside. This style often requires a minimum order and or additional set-up fees. These can cost a range of $1.17- $4.76 a piece depending on the quantity ordered.

A fully customized presentation folder allows for you to have complete control of the entire outside look of your kit. Available with full color options and can add any design with two pockets and a CD insert inside. These will have a minimum order of 250 or more and can cost $1.51 each or less if larger quantities are ordered.

Head Shot Prints

At least one image is recommended, but up to three is average for an artist or band press kit. Keep in mind when choosing where to print your images that the level of quality, paper choice, and level of professional appearance will vary along with the price. While A drugstore quality 8×10 will cost around $1.35-$2 a piece, a professional printing lab may charge more for smaller run printing, but have a much better quality print and ink.

Additional Inserts

These additional pages would include the biography of the artist or band, any press releases, sample set lists, or any other recognitions. You can go with a more basic option for these pages and print on plain copy paper with black ink, or go with a mid quality and chose better thicker paper and color ink, or go with a higher quality or specialty paper choice to really impress. We priced as if our example press kit had three sheets and this could range from $1 for a basic set, $3 for a mid-quality set, and $5.25 for a high quality set.

Business Card

You can chose to opt out of this one if you chose to include an additional insert with your contact information. This pricing is based on an average price for a general template or self-designed online business card printing company and will cost about  $.10-$.25 per card.

The Grand Total

We went ahead and grabbed out the calculators and added all these numbers up for you too! Lets say that our press kits  include a presentation folder with one 8×10 headshot, three insert pages, and a business card for each one. To go with a very basic version, each kit would cost an average of $4, a mid-quality around $6.50, and a high quality fully customized options would be close to $8 per kit.


DIS-ADVANTAGES of the Traditional Press Kit

• If done by yourself, options are limited with professional materials and might have a less professional first impression and therefore have less appeal andattention to your work.

• If done professionally, it can become very costly to have designed, printed, assembled, and mailed out.

• The more individual pages that are included in each folder, the easier it is to lose a sheet or two.

• If you chose a more basic approach, your press kit could become just another muted folder in the stack.

• If printed at home, the cost of ink could rack up.

Inside allows for the biography, additional photos and information as well as CD placement with a hub at the bottom right.

ADVANTAGES to Crea-ti-city’s All-in-One CD Promo Kit

• Our innovative design displays every required piece of the traditional press kit into one single sheet that is two sided with up to 4 pages to design.

• The folder is the biography, the head shot, the sample set list, the business card all in one neat little clever package.

• Your kit is less likely to be lost or added to the ever growing pile of traditional press kits.

• Professional quality printing and paper choices allow for every element to have the same professional cohesive look.

• The only additional assembly required is to attach the CD to the already placed CD hub inside.

• You supply us with your images and information and we do the rest to make your vision come to life. We deliver you a finished product ready to add your tunes.

The back can display your all your contact information, more images, or artist info.


The do-it-yourself method does not include graphic design work to any of the pricing of the individual elements stated above. You will be in charge of all layouts, cohesion, and time invested to assemble each kit, label or address, and mail or hand deliver them.

Be prepared to spend a minimum of three hours or more for the design and setting up of the press kit the traditional way.